Stocking Up When It Is Cheap Pays Off
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Stocking Up When It Is Cheap Pays Off

The other day I noticed that I had one replacement brush left for brushing my teeth and thought that was bad where if I needed a new one before a sales occurs then I have to pay the full retail price for one. I hate having to spend high prices on items where you don’t really have a choice at the moment. But fortunately upon looking further I actually had a pack hidden away as I stocked up more than usual at the time.

It makes me think because many times when something that we use a lot goes on sale we should realistically buy as much as we can. Especially if it is something without an expiry date or the date is so far off that for sure you will use it by then. However, I noticed for many people they often only buy the exact same quantity they normally would and treat it as a bonus for the day where they can buy other stuff with the saved money.

It’s an extreme lost opportunity to save so much money by not stocking up when it make sense. I know at times people simply don’t stock up because they get embarrassed by having so many of the same items in the shopping cart as an example. But in the long run you can save so much money. Heck, you may even be able to sell it for a profit if you really wanted to.

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