Spending Simply To Be Nice

Spending Simply To Be Nice

I was thinking today as I have been spending quite a few dollars for a service that I don’t really feel is up to par. However, for the most part I have been supporting the business as I wanted to see it grow. So in many ways this is like a charity case. I really shouldn’t be doing this considering it’s a for profit operation.

I do find myself doing this at times to support local businesses. Kind of ironic when you think about it considering how I usually try to get the best deals while only wanting to spend money on what gives me the best value. Unfortunately, I think the only way to get around this habit is to remember that for most businesses they wouldn’t do the same for you such as giving you free service just because they want to help you. Usually the business would always be expecting something in-return.

If I do go with this generous route I usually do it a few times and see how the business responds. For example, does it seem like they even try to offer me anything more? Is the service actually improving? If the answer is no then that makes the decision easier as in my view. In some ways I guess it’s like enabling a person to continually have bad spending habits if you keep funding them and they don’t change. So, everyone has to have a limit where they would say no more.

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