Spending More or Less Being Close To A Gift Budget
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Spending More or Less Being Close To A Gift Budget

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So for one person’s gift I was thinking of just buying a gift card for their video game system as they can simply get whatever they want that way. I was thinking $35 would be adequate for the gift since this is for a child but it seemed like that amount wasn’t immediately available. All the cards were either $25, $50 or $100. There didn’t seem to be an add your own amount option too as these were all grab and go. So it made me wonder, if you were in that situation would you tend to spend more and go over budget or less?

It doesn’t have to be a gift card either as it could literally be shopping for an item such as an electronic device where you are presented with the same scenario. The fact that it is a gift makes me more inclined to want to get the more expensive option. But if you are tight on a budget where going over could potentially ruin your monthly finance then you would clearly need to go with the cheaper options as no one wants to see someone else go into debt for a gift.

Sometimes a creative way with this is if it’s a gift for a family and knowing they would all use and love it you can then make the bigger purchase for everyone as if it is one big Christmas gift for all.

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