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Spending More For Color?

I was watching that show “The Doctors” today since everyone says that it is suppose to be very educational. One of the topic discussed revolved around color and how different colors affects the body in different ways.

This immediately reminded me on how when it comes to purchasing products with different color variations, it’s interesting to see how the cost of an item can be significantly more with the only difference being the color. Example, with gizmos like an iPod or even clothes. Especially after watching this show, I’m sure that will make people want to spend more now for certain colors.

I always saw getting the color of choice for a product as being something nice, but I would personally be inclined in most cases to focus on the features/material of the product. If I was to spend more solely for the color, my personal tolerant level is usually a 2% to 5% difference from the item’s counterparts. Unless you are like a fashion designer where I’m sure you would consider it like say a sin to not have things in certain colors.

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