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Spending Money VS Creativity In Special Occasions

It’s only a few days away from Valentine’s day and I am already hearing stories from guys that are desperately trying to think of ways to woo their partners. Of course, the topic of money came up and how much one should have to spend to show that they care.

This story was particularly interesting as the guy was saying that the girl’s very first Valentine’s date consisted of the guy taking her to a casual dining restaurant and in the end she was asked to pay for the bill. So, he obviously wants to do something incredible. There were a couple of guys and girls weighing in on this debate.

It was kind of funny too as most of the girls were saying that they weren’t high school kids anymore and so they won’t exactly be super wooed over expensive gifts. Basically, it came down to being more sentimental in what the person did. Example, creating their own personalized cards. I always viewed spending a lot of money in times like these more as desperation due to say time constraints personally.

I guess a huge factor in terms of whether or not someone would appreciate creativity and effort vs the commercial dollar value of an event/gift is dependent on one’s life experiences. I guess the fine line is if you are spending less money because you want to put more of your own effort into something versus spending less for the sake of saving money as if the situation is a task that you need to satisfy.

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