Spending Money To Learn Through Trial And Error Such As Cryptocurrency

Spending Money To Learn Through Trial And Error Such As Cryptocurrency

Recently I have been debating that it would be beneficial to try something that I know virtually nothing about in the sense of having real experience in a subject matter. For that I was seriously thinking of just trying some cryptocurrency generation as it appears to be something that is going to stay around for awhile. Just reading a bit a about it, at first it seems like there are so any choices to navigate such as having to choose a “wallet” and the multitude of “coins” out there.

Now usually in these cases people would actually invest money into something like as school or consultant to help people get on the right track. Theoretically, this should actually save you money as you won’t have to waste potentially more time or resources to get going since you are being guided. But in these cases I almost think it’s better to just to treat a certain amount of dollars as an investment to learn. It could be simply $200 that you would have spent normally on some e-course where instead you just use that to try earning or selling items to earn the cryptocurrency.

The main times where I would see where that would be too risky is if whatever it is your are doing can have severe consequences to some kind of operation. Example, trying to setup a computer server yourself during a mission critical situation where you have no tech background can mean everything that relies on it gets shutdown if you mess up. So in that scenario I think getting a professional would be smarter.

But when you are just trying out new potential ideas where the risk is low it may be better to treat it as a real life learning experience.

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