Spending Money On Training or Life Experience
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Spending Money On Training or Life Experience

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I heard two people debating today as the two of them were interested in pursuing a career within a similar trade skill. It would be a very self employed oriented environment by the sounds of it. Example, think of it like a mechanic running his own shop or a film maker producing movies. By the sounds of it, the education would cost about $20,000+.

So that’s where the debate came in. One person was saying that with that kind of money he could simply invest it in materials and resources and learn the trade through hands on experience. This is opposed to spending all that money to go into a class environment, learning the skills and then trying some real applications.

When it comes to things that are specifically a trades type of skill I’m inclined to say just doing it sounds more practical. Paying an enormous amount of money would be more for networking and support I’d say. Heck, it’s just like how some people go into things like construction early on and it blooms from there. Of course you would need to read up on various things, but for the most part it is fully possible to learn it through experience.

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  • jeffery alperin 4/7/2011

    spending money on a life experience is better than buying something that doesnt last past tommorow

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