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Spending Money On Minor Annoyances

This was kind of funny I thought. Basically there was a person that tries to save money from buying items like an electric fan to use during the hot summer times by simply opening a lot of his house windows. Simple and it works I suppose. The funny thing is that he actually spent more money this way it seemed. Basically, by opening his windows wide open this allowed a ton of flies to get in the house. As a result he bought items like fly traps to specifically deal with the problem.

That’s always irritating to think about where you try one thing to save money and in the end you end up paying more. Like in most cases I think the key is to invest in something that fixes these annoyances for the long term and not the short-term. Example, instead of fly traps buying special screens for the window would probably make more sense as it would help all year around too.

Comments to Spending Money On Minor Annoyances

  • Fly trap: $2
    Electric Fan: $30-100
    Screens for 4 windows: $200

    Tim 7/9/2010 1:44 pm
  • Those are some odd figures. Can easily find electric fans for under $15 as an example.

    Alan Yu 7/9/2010 11:56 pm

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