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Spending Money On Compact Florescent or LED Light Bulbs

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I was watching this TV segment just yesterday that talked about compact florescent light bulbs (CFL). I knew before that they must be disposed of appropriately as it contains mercury which is a health hazard. There is supposed to be a law coming in place too where in 2012 traditional incandescent light bulbs will be banned. As a result, most people will be forced to change to more energy efficient light bulbs like a CFL.

Maybe this was just sensationalized to a certain extent, but in the report they talked about how CFL’s emit a lot of UV rays or “dirty power” which is causing health implications to some unsuspecting people. An alternate it seems from the report is to buy light bulbs that use LED technology. This is the video for those who are interested:

Out of curiosity, I looked at the prices of these LED lights and wow are they ever expensive. For an LED light bulb that gives you the equivalent of say a 40W light bulb in brightness the LED model costs about $40 to $80 just for one. While there are still ways off until 2012 before we are all forced to spend money on these more energy efficient light bulbs, this report also brought up another interesting point.

There are a lot of products that we blindly spend additional money on as we believe we are being more earth friendly and I guess this is an example on how you still need to consider all of the factors that can come into play. From the sounds of it too, a lot of people are simply holding off until the products become cheaper. Although, realistically you should be able save more with the electricity in the long run.

I have actually never tried an LED light bulb meant for home use. Would I be willing to spend like $80 on one? I actually wouldn’t mind trying it out, but not many places sell them here that I know of. Manufacturers should start giving people some samples or offer some good rebates as I’m sure it will make the decision making process easier for people to choose a CFL or LED light.

For myself, when it comes to items where I have to surround myself with for a long period of time I usually don’t mind investing the dollars to get the better product. There was actually a good advice in the video too about buying a cover for the CFL if you are worried about the radiation. I guess this is one of those times when it comes to spending money you better be safe than sorry.

Comments to Spending Money On Compact Florescent or LED Light Bulbs

  • I bought LED lights to replace my halogen MR16 bulbs the other day from a website called that I would recommend enthusiastically. They had good service (good phone and email support), excellent FAQs so I knew what I needed, very competitive prices, and their shipping was fast and the LEDs were just as advertised.

    Travis 1/8/2009 11:07 pm

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