Spending Money Just For Tradition Sake or Not
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Spending Money Just For Tradition Sake or Not

It looks like the PNE will be opening up this year on what was originally an annual fair event until all of the lockdowns and virus issues came in. While that was great to many people as it was a tradition it won’t exactly be the same such as having fewer exhibits as a result of trying to place more things outdoors. As well, there doesn’t seem to be free entry days anymore which is usually a big time when people would visit.

There was another factor that swayed a lot of people off where in previous years if you buy an admission to enter the fair you could actually get a stamp to re-enter. This year they mentioned that once you leave that’s it and that you would need to purchase another ticket to go in. Their reasoning was they had to limit the capacity of people who could be in the fair at the same time and this was the only way to track it.

With all these factors I was reading how some people didn’t want to go as a result but it’s a tradition and so they felt inclined to do so. Would you actually pay money to go to events that you aren’t too keen about in order to maintain a tradition per se?

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