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Spending Lots of Money For One Time Training Experiences

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Practicing martial arts has always been an interest of mine where it’s something that challenges me mentality and physically. Today during a class I was told about an upcoming event where people can travel to LA to learn from a wide variety of veterans in a rather intense boot camp style fashion. As you may imagine, this would involve more than just the fee for the event as you have to factor in travel costs and accommodations as well.

Financially I was wondering if it made sense or not and the other half of my mind was saying it would be a good experience. If I was doing this as a professional with hopes in opening a school as an example then of course it would be an automatic yes. Since I do this more for personal growth the financial factor plays a bigger factor in the decision making process. It’s almost like saying as much as someone loves to cook, spending $1000 or so to travel and take a course with a celebrity chef is a bigger decision. What would you do in a scenario like this?

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