Spending A Lot On Your Dream Home
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Spending A Lot On Your Dream Home

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I was watching this documentary today that basically showed the life of some people who pretty much work all the time as they are always on the road. While they make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, it got me curious as you would often hear them say things such as at times they have lost the passion for what they do but they need to continue working in order to support their family. You would think with that high of a salary you could pretty much retire whenever you want compared to most people.

It then started to show the things that the person was trying to pay for such as basic stuff for the family. The majority of the funds needed it seemed was for this two million dollar house as it was essentially their dream home as they called it. Ironically, even though they make so much more than the average person that dream home pretty much put them in a similar scenario to the majority of others who make way less.

In some ways it’s almost like the house is controlling them in this situation though huh? That reminds me of these stories I saw before of people who have made and live in these small houses that cost only about five figures to build and with that one change they said virtually any type of money problems went away. I suppose when it comes to things like this though buying what you can afford seems more of a hassle than a benefit to many as a lot of people treat a home as a lifelong investment and so they are more relaxed in spending way more than they currently can afford.

I think personally a dream home would be like a luxury car though where if you have the money then why not. In the meantime it should be more about the basics until you can put yourself in a position financially to get these things fairly carefree.

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