Sometimes It’s Better To Have Money Involved For Commitments
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Sometimes It’s Better To Have Money Involved For Commitments

This got me thinking recently as I knew a couple of people who were thinking of doing some training together where they also have access to a teacher that could help them as he just wants to see more skilled people. That’s good as people would normally pay hundreds of dollars a month to have the same kind of training. But that also created a hurdle where because there was no money involved and everything was volunteer based it seemed like no one would truly commit to the training or would ask people be available since again it’s all for free.

So it actually made more sense for one to spend money to go to a paid gym or school to train if learning was actually the main goal. Which makes you think where in these cases committing some kind of financial expense in the mix probably would have made everything more serious in a committed way as at least people know they would be immediately losing something by not say showing up. It would almost remind me of like someone just blowing off a scheduled meeting with friend who offered to give free consultation. But if you paid someone say five hundred dollars for that meeting I doubt you would just ignore it.

Does that feel weird though to have a group of friends as an example still treat everything as if they are spending money on a service to semi ensure commitment?

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