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Social Isolation Business Contracts As A Procedure For COVID

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Recently I was told that a company wanted to hire me for a project that I agreed with. It would actually be interesting to see how large productions in the film industry manage COVID protocols during these times. At first I was told that testing would be required for COVID which I assume is standard. But the contract they showed me afterwards is something I have never seen before.

There was a clause that stated as soon as you get tested the company would require you to self-isolate pretty much for the remainder of the contract time as it sates the following:

I understand and agree that self-isolation means that I will not meet up with, gather with, or physically interact with any persons outside of those in my household and will not attend to public places where people may be present

That sounds like you have to pretty much must be in a lockdown type of mode or how sports teams must stay together during these times. So no more grocery shopping or even casual walks to the park I was thinking? How about transportation for those who don’t drive a vehicle in the area and use things like a taxi or public transit? It immediately made me think how much more expense a company has to incur in an effort to satisfy these kinds of protocols. For example, paying the talent every day that they require them self-isolate. I suppose that is something new in terms of a project budget that you will have to account for.

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