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Soaring Stocks

For about the past seven months now one new way that I decided to try out to earn money was to invest in stocks. I’m not exactly the type of person that understands all of the terminology in the stock markets, but the bottom line was to invest in a company that would hopefully grow even bigger and as a result my shares in the company would increase in value. The company that I decided to buy stocks in was Best Buy. For the most part, the stock kept going up and down and I got to immediately see how people can become glued to stock market updates as watching how your investment is performing in real time can be fairly addictive. The price of the stock at times went as low as to about $43 to $45 and while that was a worrying sight considering that it was around $60 in the Christmas time, the numbers jump up and down all the time that I figured things could only go up considering how big the company is. So, I continued to purchase shares at the low price even though it looked like it was going in a downward trend.

This week when I was looking at my portfolio, I was amazed at how good the stock was performing. For example, looking at it yesterday it was at about $67. That was the highest that I have ever seen it get to and was seriously contemplating in selling it as I would get a fairly good return from all my past investments in the company, especially when it was a fairly low price. But, I decided to wait to see what happens. Just today, the stock went up another $1.51 and today it ended at $69.31. This is also apparently a record for the company. Wow, what can I say? This is not like getting interest from some kind of savings account as that is fairly predictable with a set figure. Not only can I get a very good return by selling it now, but at the same time that could mean potentially losing a lot if it goes even higher. Then again, the price could fall like a rock and I would lose it all. These are some intense decisions one must make when dealing with stocks. The good thing is that I now have experience in investing in stocks and it is definitely something I may take more seriously in the future. Now should I buy or sell? The decisions……

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