Slow Black Friday Flyer Distribution this Year

Slow Black Friday Flyer Distribution this Year

One thing odd I noticed this year, at least in Canada, is that companies would normally have all of its Black Friday sales published by now so that people can start planning where and what to buy. While some have already published them, others seemed to be holding off. There are a lot of wild theories for this such as due to how many places still have crowd restrictions companies are discouraging people to line up at their stores for days.

I don’t know if that would be the case considering many businesses are still opening earlier. On top of that, online sales would usually be the same as well where in that case people can prepare to shop that way. Ordinarily I would think a company would hold off as to not cannibalize its current weekly sale. But again, that didn’t seem to be the case in previous years.

I wonder if that means companies simply don’t feel the heat in terms of having to beat other companies since big box stores and larger companies during these past years have been the ones to remain open during things such as lockdowns.

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