Single Item Groceries Costing So Much Money
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Single Item Groceries Costing So Much Money

With that sale I saw yesterday for a bunch of avocados I guess other stores were attempting to compete and advertised that they had bags of avocado for sale as well. It was pretty much the exact same price except this was a different brand. But the wasn’t the surprising thing.

You can see you could also purchase individual avocados fort hose who don’t want a bag of them. But in this case I had to double check if I was seeing things right. A single piece was listed at $1.47 each. So you could either get one for that price or essentially five in a bag for $1.87. The only thing I could think of is that maybe this one was organic to warrant the price increase since it was next to an organic packaged one. But looking at how you can get a bag or just one for almost the same price would that be enough for you to just get the single one?

The difference just seems way too big price wise. It makes me think where if it wasn’t so close to each other then maybe one would be more inclined to buy the solo one.

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