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Silly Examples of Bargaining Bluff

What a hilarious story this was. A person was telling everyone today how she was holding a garage sale in the morning and one of the item happened to be a table of sort. Basically, she wanted to get rid of it for about $10 as it was going to charity. Apparently, this lady walks by as she was interested in buying it. She says that she will pay $5 for it. When asked if she was sure as this was for charity the lady insisted that was all the money she had.

Now here was the hilarious part. Upon paying for the item the person hands over $10 and of course expects change. What would you do in a moment like that? It’s one of those crazy examples that you have to see it o believe it I guess. It’s just funny how it’s like once the person got the deal she just forgot about any possible contradictions as a result of what she said before.

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