Showing Too Much Effort Being A Sales Negative
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Showing Too Much Effort Being A Sales Negative

Usually if you place in a lot of effort to make something look professional it should mean people will value it more. But recently I was thinking as a person was trying to sell a real estate property with no luck. They actually go to the extreme in many ways in terms of trying to really clean the place up for showings. With no success they were thinking next time they would try and design it like some kind of store showroom where there will be things like music playing in the background.

My first thought is if I was the prospective buyer I might actually see that as a negative where I could tell that they are trying so hard to sell the place with all these extra items to the point where I may wonder what is wrong with it. I remember actually when my parents sold their home way back whenever the real estate agent brought in people to view the home my mom would talk to them with comments such as it is a beautiful home.

You could tell people didn’t seem to take that as a positive but rather it made them more skeptical. Sometimes you just have to let things sell itself. Otherwise it gives you the feeling of a used car salesman.

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