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Showing Off Your Numbers

Today I was reading how this person was flattered that everyone thought was an expert on a certain topic as in no way does he try to pass himself off as a guru or anything. This then got him wondering why people were approaching him all of a sudden. While he didn’t really do anything different in terms of his routine, one day he decided to goof around with some site analytic tools where on his video news feed it simply displayed details such as how many people are tuned in. It is a commendable number and of course this attracted a lot of commercial attention.

Imagine that where while you think you may need to spend thousands of dollars to gain attention or credibility that like in this case is if you have the numbers all you need to do is show it and things will generate from it. Essentially it does the talking and leg work for you huh? Almost like two people debating with the size of their bank and then people trusting the guy with the bigger pockets. Like they say in many cases, perception is reality for many.

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