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Should You Have To Pay A Family Member Or Not

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I heard kind of a sad remark today as there was a person that seemed like he felt all high and mighty about his personal finances. As a result, for one reason or another he would criticize others for things such as if a person has a condo then somehow that means he is more successful financially since he has like a house.

An interesting point was brought up though where when comparing it to a similar family one big difference was that he got his family members to take care of his kids for free that allowed him and the significant other to work whereas the other had one person staying home. Here was the interesting part. When asked why doesn’t he pay his family to take care of his kids as you could argue he would probably be in a similar situation with that factor alone he responded by saying “Why should I have to pay my family? They are family.”

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with a mentality like that? While I can understand the notion where as a family you want to help each other, having a mentality/expectation that family members should never be compensated in any way when you are dependent on them to relieve financial stress seems awkward to me. In many ways I don’t see it any different where if you started a business and needed workers then somehow family members should work there as if they are an employee except they won’t be paid.

The only other point was that this involved taking care of kids which a family should want to do anyways. I’d personally like to think that the way of thinking should be along the lines of you should be expecting to pay/compensate people even if they are family and that it is up to their own goodwill to do it for free for the sake of helping. I never actually debated fully with a person that has the opposite way of thinking when it comes to compensating family members. Would be one interesting conversation that’s for sure.

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