Shopping At The Same Place For Better Deals

Shopping At The Same Place For Better Deals

Today I tagged along with a friend who wanted to go to this restaurant where apparently he was a regular customer there to the point where the owner treats him like a friend in many ways. While you would expect a standard quality type of service for everyone I would imagine in this case since he keeps going back the business would be more likely to try and make sure he is taken care of.

That’s one of those things that you can’t really evaluate in the sense of a dollar amount where we usually say one business is better than the other because they give you something cheaper as an example. Like in this case one funny thing I noticed is that for his order there were certain things such as toppings that he didn’t want but could normally get. So instead they allowed him to put that on his wife’s order instead.

Like there the service seems more personalized because he is regular customer which makes you wonder if that alone is worth it to try and continually do business with a specific company. This of course probably only really works with smaller businesses as large companies have way too many customers and employees to really do that. But it’s a different way of getting value for your money in the form of potentially better and personalized service.

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