Selling Valuable Items You Have No Interest In

Selling Valuable Items You Have No Interest In

Today my brother was telling me that he won a raffle of sort and that the price was some kind of musical instrument add-on that was valued at about $500. Thing is, he has no use for it and therefore he wants to just sell it. He made an interesting comment too how he was willing to get rid of it for even $200. So if you are an enthusiastic that is probably a steal to buy.

Price wise if I was getting rid of an item with these types of circumstances I would be looking at giving the buyer a max of about a 30% discount. I think that is a fair rate considering the person would probably have to pay taxes too normally buying it retail. Cause odds are too if you sell it for too low you are going to just attract people who are buying it simply to resell it again. Therefore, you deal with those people who constantly want you to drop the price.

With the Internet nowadays too it only makes sense to try and use even simple sites like Ebay to see the average rate that people are willing to pay for an item to give you a better sense on what is a fair price to sell your item at I’d say.


  • Terry Pratt 8/13/2009

    How can someone sell an item in which they have no interest?

    (You might want to rephrase the title.)

  • Alan Yu 8/13/2009

    A title phrased that way is completely different as the issue of the topic is more about how much to sell an item for and not if you can literally sell it.

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