Selling The Old or Buying The New First
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Selling The Old or Buying The New First

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I heard something interesting today in regards to selling a house. Now usually I would say for a current homeowner who is looking to downsize they would probably try and sell the house first as opposed to buying a new place and then trying to sell it. Because generally speaking most people need the money from the sold property to buy the new one right? So it was odd to hear that there was a person that actually wanted to buy a place first despite not having the funds to do so.

While I won’t go into the details it kind of made me think how sometimes you really should try and get rid of the old stuff first before buying the new ones. Even with things as simple as like a printer I find that if people have the new one before getting rid of the old one they tend to just keep it which wastes space. That ultimately means money too. As well another benefit I find by doing this is sometimes by the time it takes someone to get rid of their old stuff they may realize that they don’t even need it anymore.

Can you realistically do that for things that are essential like a phone? I believe so. Just because you sell it first doesn’t mean you have to necessarily give out up right away. Nor do you have to take the money right away. If anything it can give both parties time to just actually follow through with the transaction. It’s interesting though like there how many of us have the mindset where we selling it first must always mean you won’t have anything right away.

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