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Self-Responsible Gambling Debt

Just recently I encountered a situation where a person who was in desperate need of money due to a large gambling debt was constantly pestering her friends into lending her money. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident as it has happened before and to make things worse she never fulfilled her promise in paying them back.

As expected, the immediate answer was no as they did not want to continually provide her with money and that lead to constant pleads and tears in hopes to convince them otherwise. While they were sympathetic, they firmly stood by their answer and went as far as saying if necessary she should sell her house to get the money that she would need to pay off her gambling debt. In the end, she left with her friends now not being an option as a way to get some quick cash to pay off her gambling debt and mentioned that her immediate family members would be her next option or to somehow get a cash advance from her workplace.

This can be a rather touchy subject as there are probably thousands of people who would immediately scream that she has the worst friends in the world and vice versa there are probably others who would say that she got what she deserved for using her friends. In my opinion, I think they made the right decision not to loan her more money as a gambling debt is not exactly a situation that you can’t avoid and if one constantly provides the person with an easy way out, they will continue with their bad habits. We all have to be independent at one point or another and while that provides you with the freedom to do what you want, that also means that you should be willing to endure the results of your own actions.

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