Seeing Paid Placement In Traditional Media Outlets

Seeing Paid Placement In Traditional Media Outlets

Usually when you see something on the news whether its on TV or a news oriented site you would assume there must be something important or unique that is causing people to report on it. That’s what got me thinking recently as I saw all these services advertising how they basically guarantee that for a fee one can get their businesses and services a featured report on a highly publicized media outlet. That’s probably great for advertising. It kind of made me think too where that makes you realize how many times it’s just people paying for coverage.

That can be important as many times people wonder why their product or service that seems superior in the marketplace isn’t getting the same amount of attention. Surely a news reporter or product reviewer would have stumbled upon their business by now to report on it right?

This would show the reality is in many cases, unless what you did was so important that people who don’t cover it will in a sense seem out of touch, a lot of times it is a simply a business expense of people paying for marketing that just happens to look like a naturally discovered piece to talk about. So if you are ever going crazy wondering why another business is getting more press, it could simply be they are spending more money than you are to do so.

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