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Seeing How Much Different An Expensive Look Will Do

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So today I figured that since there was a site that I am maintaining is doing exceedingly well considering not much effort has been put into it made me wonder how much different a simple look and feel change would do. For example, just trying to update the look to make it seem like there has been money or a lot of effort put into the design. It’s no mystery that many people are very visual where they even judge say businesses based on the look. For example, I bet even for e-commerce sites if the site looked very primitive people would be weary of doing business with them regardless if they are clearly one of the best.

What I am thinking might happen is that it may increase opportunities when it comes to things like sponsorships or pitches for it. No different than someone walking with a suit now instead of a t-shirt where people will associate it with success of some sort and therefore would want to associate with them. Be interesting to see how this one goes.

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