Seeing How Fast Real Estate Value Increases

Seeing How Fast Real Estate Value Increases

For one reason or another I saw this advertisement where a condo was being sold for about $250,000 which seemed kind of cheap considering it was in a fairly decent location. This just got me curious to learn what was wrong with the property to not be priced higher. Upon some quick searches I accidentally stumbled into some data of the amount of times that property has been sold.

It was kind of amazing to see that less than four years ago that place was bought for about $80,000. That is quite a substantial difference I thought for such a short time. At the same time, I suppose that is a semi over the top example on how things like a house is probably one of the best investments that you can make with your money. Of course, you can argue that the price increase was due to some very good sales people as well.

Either way, things like that should really make you think if you are trying to find items that will give you a very good return on investment.

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