Seeing A Blockbuster Branded Movie Game

Seeing A Blockbuster Branded Movie Game

The company Blockbuster used to be a huge business where they rented out VHS movies and video games to people for a fee. However, as time evolved people started to go digital and the rest is history. The most famous story out of this is how Blockbuster apparently had the chance to actually own Netflix when it was pitched to them. Big mistake I guess you can say huh?

So with the company pretty much gone I was shocked today when I walked into a store and actually saw this Blockbuster branded move game of sort. From what I gather it is a party trivia game of sort where the company brand was actually powerful enough to catch my interest. Did the company decide to stay alive and utilize the name brand recognition in different ways?

While looking online I was able to see it on sale as well with a bunch of pictures and it looked like it was created by a company called Spin Master Games. These types of licensing deals are usually more for say sports leagues or pro athletes as a way to monetize their properties and likeness per se. But in this case it be like seeing a board game called Walmart where I don’t think that would usually be a direction companies would explore.

But in this case it does deal with a faded company where there is still brand recognition. So I guess it doesn’t hurt to try and utilize the brand if you can?

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