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When You See One Thing Producing So Much More Than The Other

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I was a little shocked today as I was looking at some reports for one of my projects where the income of it just overtook a bunch of other things that I have been doing for awhile. This made me happy in the sense of I actually wasn’t even focusing on it too much in terms of trying to generate an income as like most things I just do what I am passionate about. To me anyways it’s more about the sense of accomplishment and that feeling of if you just keep at it the reward will come.

I was thinking thing as many times in business it’s always about the numbers people say. So like in this case if we were talking in a business sense most people would say that is a sign to drop everything else and just focus on the item that is on fire at the moment. I personally find that a little tricky because again like most things I do it because I am passionate about it where in many ways it just happens to generate an income. So how can you just drop it if that makes sense?

Maybe it’s the wrong way to think, but for me personally anyways it’s more of a way to reaffirm that you should always do things because you want to do and are passionate about it. Who knows as an example where maybe the other stuff will have a better week all of sudden. The only time I would say drop one over the other is if I lost the motivation to do it. Because like there then it would feel like a “job” in the stereotypical sense of people hating it while only doing it for the money. I guess for me, as long as I am still motivated about something and it feels right I will continue to do it.

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