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Secret Shopping

This year, I have decided to try mystery shopping as it has always sounded interesting to me. Not only would it be a new experience as I’ve never really went shopping just for the sake of evaluating customer service, but for some reason I have seen so many ads recently on the Internet regarding how you could make so much money doing this and figured that there is only one way to find out.

My first project is to visit various fast food restaurants and then provide feedbacks about it. After reading about the details to perform the task, time wise it seems very flexible as I have one month to visit various places and can choose times at my own convenient to do so. Compensation wise, it is definitely nothing to brag about from what I have seen. In fact, I would be losing money with this assignment as they do not reimburse me for the meals that I buy. I’m sure different companies work differently, but for now my initial impression is that it is more worthwhile for people that want to do something on the side for fun.

Long term wise, if it turns out that I find it enjoyable without it conflicting with my schedules, I will probably seek out bigger projects as I can definitely see it fitting into my lifestyle. At worst, maybe I’ll be better at finding bargains at various places which will help the “save money to make money” aspect in my life.

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  • Eric 2/10/2005


    I just stumbled upon your page while searching for some info on lifewave.

    I read your entries and I think they are great. You and I have much in common in terms of monetary philosophy.

    Keep it up!

    PS. I use wordpress too for my daughter’s blog.

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