Scaring You From Dining Out
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Scaring You From Dining Out

I was watching this episode titled Canada Restaurant Secrets from the show marketplace on CBC which was kind of interesting as this is normally a show about finance and money in general. In this episode it essentially talked about food safety and how many restaurants have health violations. You can see the episode here at

Funny enough, people often complain that dining out is probably a huge cause of their financial woes in life. Talking about how much you save or how much healthier it can be to buy and cook your own food usually isn’t enough. I can easily see though how something like this would scare people into doing it. Maybe one key to help people save money is to get them to watch stuff like this. Takes the workload off you from nagging others to do the financially responsible thing. :mrgreen:

On a side not I find it funny they mentioned KFC in this report as I even wrote not too long ago that I ate some KFC due to a person wanting to treat me and it ended up making me feel ill.

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