Scaring Kids With Financial Stories
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Scaring Kids With Financial Stories

I had a conversation with a person today where she was telling me how her youngest child was getting into trouble due to the friends he has been hanging out with. For example, he is just a teen and he went to a party where he drank a beer while justifying it because it was only one and everyone else was doing it. Once she found out she tried to scare him by saying all these things that could happen to him if he gets caught in an effort to discourage the habit.

While that is a pretty common tactic for most things when it comes to kids, funny enough I don’t think many people do this with financial issues. For example, when was the last time you heard someone tell a child that if they say spent too much money or recklessly that bad things can happen? Maybe this is one of those things that we don’t hear enough of as a kid to encourage us to be financially responsible at an early age.

I know for myself it wasn’t so much of my parents telling me to be wise with my money as opposed to observing how people can get pretty uptight and stressed by not managing it wisely. So I guess you can say the bad image of what happens when you are not financially secure got stuck in my head at an early age to discourage me from wanting to be crazy or irresponsible with it. I think even as a kid the closest thing to a character that talked about money a lot was the various forms of a Scrooge which was more about a lesson in giving back.

Then again, it must be kind of hard to make something money related that a kid would actually find entertaining and would in-turn learn from it.

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