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If You Saw Friends or Family Losing Money For Love

Imagine if you saw a scenario where a person you knew all of a sudden was in a relationship with a person where he began to spend a lot of money on them to the point where they were sacrificing retirement funds. We aren’t talking about small lavish gifts here but rather things like a home. At the same time, based on the fact you feel that the person is simply being used for their money. Would you be inclined to do anything about it or say that it is their money and they are free to spend it in any way they want?

This is one of those things I see in like the movies all the time but I never actually expected to see it in real life. There isn’t much you can do either as who are you to tell a person that they should or shouldn’t be pursuing a relationship with someone right? I feel the only thing I can do is gather up the facts in a rational way financially and hope that it would encourage one to spend rationally.

Come to think of it too, I have heard multiple stories this year on how people in love have been willing to compromise themselves financially such as allowing others to take loans out of their name. As strange as it may sound, it makes me wonder how one would train themselves to avoid being abused financially in these types of scenarios. Generally speaking, we are kind of groomed by default where if you don’t take care of the one’s you love financially then you are a bad person, so to speak. I am thinking at this point the only one can do is be supportive.

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