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Saving Money As A Hobby For Fun

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I was reading some articles today of parents who get their kids involved with some financial management tasks in the family.  One of the ways I read were how kids were clipping coupons and trying to find ways to save money or figuring out how to literally get free stuff by finding out which stores offer the most points and cashback rewards.

I always wondered why we were never taught these kinds of skills in say a school as it seems like a very usual skill to develop.  While you may argue that anyone can learn it easily which doesn’t warrant a course for it, from my experience most people simply don’t know how as odd as that sounds.  At the same time, funny enough I do consider saving money as a hobby in many ways.  Maybe that’s why I don’t consider it a chore like many people would.

I remember one day too I was teaching my nephew how instead of paying like $2 for a tiny cup of orange juice at a fast food restaurant we could walk for like 2 minute to the supermarket and buy a large container of it for the same price.  We did end up going there and he was shocked at how much more you could get for the same price.  Afterwards it did become like a hobby for him in wanting to find and remember where the best deals were.

Start them young I suppose in teaching them how to get the most out of their dollar.

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