Sacrificing Health For Money Decisions
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Sacrificing Health For Money Decisions

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This may sound as a no-no immediately for most people where if you were asked to do a job that would pay a ton of money but due to the things you have to do one can expect that their life expectancy will probably drop would you do it? Again, I would imagine most people would say no as what kind of question is that right?

That’ what got me thinking as I heard two people debating about the topic where anyone who choose such a route is in a sense crazy. I always remember this one story where I knew a person who mentioned that one of his goals was to buy his mom a house. He was young and healthy too and as you would expect the path to that goal would be to get an education which then should translate potentially to a high paying corporate job as an example.

But instead he decided to go into construction work. This was extremely physically demanding and he even expressed how he knew that doing this line of work will probably screw up his back as an example. But at the same time he knew that he could make a lot of money fairly quickly compared to other options. Long story short, he was able to buy a house for his mom. As expected too, he did indeed get some injuries.

But ultimately to him he figured with the other route he would have had to work a lot longer and that the days remaining to enjoy himself would have been similar. So in theory even if he reduced his life expectancy he feels that it’s almost he same thing in the end. It’s an interesting perspective where I personally feel there is no right or wrong answer overall. Everyone has a different path as they say.

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