Risk Losing A Good Client or Your Best Employee Worker

Risk Losing A Good Client or Your Best Employee Worker

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Interesting hypothetical situation I heard today which is actually pretty common I would imagine. Pretend you had a client that is pretty profitable to you as the income generated goes a long way in growing and maintaining your business. The good relationship could make things even better. At the same time you have a worker that is definitely the best where their work and loyalty is what essentially makes your client’s hire you for a job. So both play an important part of your business operation.

Now let’s pretend one day the client gets angry at something this worker did. It could be unrelated to the work itself such as them seeing the worker supporting a cause that they personally despise. Because of this they pretty much imply they don’t want to work with you anymore unless they are terminated. So in this case what would you do? Would you tell the client sorry and simply lose a huge source of revenue or would you simply try and find another worker as the money is too much to ignore?

I personally never seen anyone let a worker go because of scenarios where a customer was being unreasonable per se. Regardless of the amount of money that client would bring in. Then again, for larger corporations in which this scenario could be a client that brings in say $5 million a year would that be enough to cater to the client’s demand?

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