Reward Points As The Main Discount Reservation
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Reward Points As The Main Discount Reservation

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The other day I saw an interesting deal for some Halloween candy where normally a box of it would cost almost $18. However, there was a special where you could buy one for about $12. I wouldn’t have bought it normally which means the deal has to be insane for me to even consider it. That’s when I saw a deal for it where the store was offering about $15 worth of store credit if you spent $30 on this particular item.

So that would sound kind of great right? Basically buy about 3 boxes of it where you essentially would get one free and then some. However, since the deal was you could only buy one at the sale price and anything more would be a regular one you would essentially pay $30 upfront for two boxes of these candy while receiving the $15 in credit bonus. That would essentially mean you paid $15 for two boxes which is a good deal.

But for me I still didn’t buy it. In my view store credit like these just isn’t enough to justify spending money on “junk” that I didn’t intend to buy before. I would jump on it instantly if I had intentions and actual interest in buying it initially. Because if it was just for myself in this case and I was looking for a deal I would imagine after Halloween the price of this stuff drops like a rock where you don’t need to spend all this money just for a discount.

I always see reward points in this way as giving the company free money to earn interest on your hard earned dollar. You may as well invest it in yourself instead as opposed to falling for the cycle of building these reward points simply to have it like bank account where you get no interest.

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