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Retail Markups So Ridiculous Even Employees Are Surprised

Wireless Laser Printer (SL-M2020W/XAA) price match best buy

I decided to buy a wireless printer for a family member and for the most part I was trying to find a simple black and white laser printer that had wi-fi functions. That way, a less technically savvy person can just connect it with like their tablet device and start printing files. I was eyeing this one printer where I constantly saw it on sale for like $59.99 at various stores. I believe the lowest I saw it was for like $49.99.

When I went to see this at a store it was listed as $129.99. My immediate reaction was how high the price was as it seems like an expensive retail price considering the type of sale prices I have seen it at.


Sure enough, when I did some quick research there were a bunch of retailers selling it for $59.99.


So, I decided to take advantage of the more expensive store’s price matching policy where I would also get 110% of the price difference as well. In this case, this $129.99 printer ended up to be $52.99 before tax and fees. It was funny as even the employees were surprised about the price difference where it felt like they thought I had to be making it up in a way.

It just kind of shows you how ridiculous the regular retail prices can be at times. For a business too, in many ways it might actually be better to constantly shop the competition and see the prices they are charging. It’s good for people like me that do their research to save even more money of course. Something you should frequently take advantage of too I feel.

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