Responding Publicly Promptly Publicly Rode Example

Responding Publicly Promptly Publicly Rode Example

I was fascinating about this new product that was coming out by the company Rode where they developed this wireless microphone that has a bunch of features such as 32-bit float and timecode functionalities. With that there is a lot of skepticism if the product actually works as implied since these types of features are usually only available on say higher end items. What was surprising to me was how quick they were to make actual video responses to the public based on the comments and questions they were reading.

That was unusual as most companies would simply just reply through text as an example. My guess is this enable them to immediately shut down inaccurate information from other people who were creating commentary videos of the product launch as an example. But what was interesting to me was I personally was more inclined to buy the product from them not because of the feature itself that I may or may not use. Instead, it showed me how serious the company was about this product launch to try and view as many concerns about the product as they can.

It gives you the sense where if you buy their product they will actively be supporting it and trying to make improvements. Granted there are often groups of people who will complain for the sake of complaining so you can’t exactly always do response like these, but it’s a great example on how having open public communication with a company generates trust and ultimately a sale.

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