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Responding Even if It Means No Sale

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During this boxing day week there was one place that had an item I was interested . They were selling it for very cheap compared to everywhere else and so I placed an order. I then received an e-mail the next day where they apologized as they have sold the maximum quantity they could at the heavily discounted price. However, they could still sell it to me at a normal sale price and they informed me to contact them if I was still interested in buying it.

I was actually still tempted to buy it with a big reason, as odd as it may sounds, being that I never shopped there before and thought that it would be good to test out a new place. I asked them if they price matched competitors as the price they offered the item at now was a bit more expensive than the other stores. The thing was they never bothered to reply to it. So I think it was safe to assume that the answer was no.

I was just thinking how while some do have the mentality of don’t waste time with people if they aren’t going to buy, in this case it would have helped them a lot more to simply respond to me with the answer instead. Since to me they are new it would give me a better impression that they cared about wanting me to come back in the future. I would say that is even more important when you are a new guy on the block where you can’t always compete just on prices alone too.

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