Renting Out Very Old Equipment For Money
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Renting Out Very Old Equipment For Money

You’d think that once you buy the latest electronic items that the previous models would be obsolete as nobody would want to use or need them anymore. Recently I saw an advertisement for a person who was looking for a camcorder that was able to take mini-dv tapes as they needed to transfer all of these old footages to a digital format and did not have one available. They were willing to pay about $20 just to use the camcorder quickly too. Strange as it is, I still have my old camcorder that accepts mini-dv tapes even though you’d think I would have sold it a long time ago.

Out of curiosity I just did some random searches to see how many people there were out there that were in a similar situation and mindset like the above. Sure enough, there seems to be a lot and in most cases these people’s old items have ceased to work and they don’t want to pay high professional fees to digitize the video. That made me think if someone could literally just spend a few minutes per week to find people to rent out their old equipment to where they can make a very decent side income with.

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