Trying To Become Rich Again Intentionally
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Trying To Become Rich Again Intentionally

I was reading this story which apparently happened awhile ago where a millionaire named Mike Black decided to do this experiment of sort where he will give up his wealth to see if he could once again become a millionaire. That sounds crazy for example but I suppose it’s supposed to be a way to show with hard work and persistence you can do it too and doing it twice shows it wasn’t say a fluke. It sounded like he was doing okay at first such as landing a job. However, in the end he had to cut the experiment short saying it was for health reasons.

His project didn’t seem to generate much buzz or attention either. But one criticism I thought which was interesting was that people were saying how this isn’t a genuine experiment since he knows he can go back to his wealth any time he wants. As well, a regular person wouldn’t have access to his skills and connections having been in the life of a millionaire pers se as the people you know plays a lot into the types of opportunities one can get.

I know for myself this feels more like dumping someone in a controlled environment reality show. There is a difference between people on the show survivor trying to live off the land with a bunch of people monitoring them versus literally throwing people in a random island all by themselves with literally nothing.

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