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Relying On Physical Appearance As An Advantage

I was randomly flipping through some channels on the television today and I saw this talk show that had children who were so caught up into wearing expensive clothes and makeup as the belief was the better looking people always get things such as job promotions before those who don’t worry too much about their physical appearance. The crazy thing too was that some of the kids were even talking about cosmetic surgery and the parents were there to support it as they too believed in the importance of looks.

While I guess in general it is no surprise that appearances do play a factor which is why people pay so much money for things like an expensive suit, I would also argue that there are so many other factors that are more important rather than say spending $10,000 in making your nose look a little better. Imagine working in a business where it is purely online and no one really sees you as it is all about if your service or product is better than the other guy.

I hope that isn’t what the majority of parents are spending all their money on when it comes to their kids and trying to give them the competitive advantage for when they grow up.

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