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Relying On Games As An Income

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I guess this is yesterday’s news since I am not exactly in tune with this industry, but for some reason I was presented with a lot of news about various Poker sites in the US that have been shut down due to things like money laundering. This resulted in thousands of people who normally played online poker as a way to generate revenue to lose their income source.

Kind of reminds me when there was a site called Gamesville where back then people were literally playing these video games in an attempt to try and earn say $100 a day. I believe it is still around but I don’t think the prizes are as big since online advertising revenue isn’t as crazy as it was a few years ago. I found it interesting too as I just visited the site out of curiosity while thinking about it and you can see that everything is being labelled as skill based games for cash and and prizes. I guess that is to semi get away from the term gambling since that would raise issues.

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