Releasing Unfinished Products For Christmas Sales

Releasing Unfinished Products For Christmas Sales

I was reading a couple of stories today where customers were upset at various companies for products they claim aren’t even fully functional as advertised. The assumption for many is that companies are simply pushing their products out now in order to take advantage of the Christmas shopping season. For many retailers as an example this is where they make most of their money from. So missing this time frame can be a tremendous loss sales wise.

In some cases it seems like the products could be fixed with downloadable patches in the future. So maybe from a company perspective they figured its better to take a risk on getting sales now which they can fix later versus losing a sale as people will invest their money elsewhere. I would imagine this would be one of those decisions where it would affect a business long term versus the short term.

I am sure initially if you are looking at the numbers it would seem great. But you aren’t factoring in the customers who feel cheated that will tell others about it while potentially avoiding any future products from the company. That wouldn’t be evident until later in the future. Usually only companies with a monopoly of sort could get away with decisions like these.

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