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Relating To Struggles And Obstacles

Another point that I noticed the other day in terms of how people were trying o convince people to do business with them instead of others is that they were openly sharing their personal struggles and obstacles in life. This is different than sharing constant negativity of course as one is like you are acting as if you are always the victim and the other is more to show your experience in life and how in many ways you are just like everyone else.

Kind of different compared to how people say you should always just show the everything as if nothing ever goes wrong huh? Like anything else it is about balance I suppose. I would say the main times I see nothing but perfection are like in quick commercials where you need to emotionally sell something fast in terms of piquing people’s interest. I know usually in companies though people often use the staff bios as a way to show struggles and obstacles that one has overcome such as the story of the company founders and how they built their empire.

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