Refusing To Use Digital Transactions To Save Money
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Refusing To Use Digital Transactions To Save Money

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While most people nowadays use some kind of electronic device like a smartphone to find great deals, there are still a lot of people who refuse to use anything digital because they feel their information may get compromised which will result in items such as identity theft. I noticed a funny example of this at the supermarket where the only way to purchase these goods locked up in a freezer at a heavily discounted price was to use an app to make the order. It’s essentially an app that partnered with supermarkets to sell near expiring food. So while there were great items that many people were interested in the idea that they could get say hacked made them not want to do it.

I still know people who think even shopping on something such as Amazon is seen as a privacy risk. From my personal experience I think the risk of somehow getting compromised online as an example can often be similar to offline. For example, in terms of credit card theft I actually know people who have had it happen to them multiple times it seems and they never shop online. Like in all cases it really depends on where you shop as most places are usually fairly secure.

You are losing so much nowadays by not embracing all the offers that are out there in digital form. For example, even your favorite grocery stores now have apps that allow you to order and pick up while giving you discounts in doing so. The savings can be worth it if you don’t let the fear get to you from watching too many movies as an example.

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