Recognizing How Fortunate You Are To Save Money
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Recognizing How Fortunate You Are To Save Money

I have had my smartphone for a little over two years now and I am not the kind of person that upgrades just because something is new. With that in mind, I received a comment recently on how I have to get a new model as one needs to stay and look updated to stay competitive. In many ways it reminds me of like high school where people buy and do things for the sheer notion of trying to impress others.

I was thinking too as for myself I feel that compared to many others I am in a very fortunate position to even be able to have one. This may not be so true in comparison to a North American demographic, but in a lot of other places owning an item like this is probably a huge chunk of income. Although, I often read stories such as people that or physically challenged who don’t have the luxury to use these kinds of things. For myself it helps to keep me grounded and to avoid the popularity contest routine.

People often say one key to having good financial success is to value what you have as opposed to constantly thinking that you are poor and must have X item in order to be rich as an example. The more you appreciate what you currently have the more likely you won’t blow your money on random junk, so to speak. It all starts with the way we think.

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