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Really Thinking About Finances In Being Independent

I haven’t been following the news too much about the Scotland referendum, but it was unavoidable today as it was all over the news and social media.  It got me curious to read more about the situation as years ago there was a referendum here in Canada where the province of Quebec was voting to separate or not.  There was one point in both of these cases that seemed to bring out a common remark such as if they were to separate what currency would they use?  For the most part, it seemed like no one really thought about stuff like that.  Of course, that in itself would require a lot of time and money to establish.

Because of that, it makes me think of like one’s personal finance where many times we simply focus on what we want to make ourselves feel like we are in control of our lives without thinking what it truly means financially.  Example, I know a few people who were so happy to buy a house only to be surprised financially how much extra they have to pay for even the simple things such as having to pay a larger property tax by themselves.

This is where doing things like browsing around stores a lot whether it be in-person or online actually helps I find.  Constantly seeing all those price tags on various daily needs makes you think about what is needed on average to be financially stable.  In a way too, it forces you to constantly compare what you make versus what you can realistically spend as well.  Some say that is way too much work, but if you simply make it a lifestyle habit it’s almost as simple as breathing I think.

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